Thursday, August 24, 2017

What to Look for When You Come to Buy Your First Security System for the Home

Investing in a security system is a proud first step in order to not just keep your home safe, but also to keep your family and the possessions that are held within the family home safe. Even if you live alone, a security system can help give you the peace of mind you need, when you need it the most.

You only need to look at the current season we are in, the nights are long, dark, cold and the wind is definitely whistling outside our houses. If you live alone this can be enough to keep you up at night, but the right security system can help you sleep.

Now you know how much a security system will benefit everyone from an individual living alone to a full family house, it’s time to look at what you need to look for when you come to investing in this new technology that actually puts off 84% of would be burglars from targeting your home. Should that stat alone say something?
Where do you need the Camera to Point?

The first thing we need to look at is where do you want the camera to point? Answering this will give us a better understanding on the home security system you need and can help to narrow down the search. For example, are you looking for an outdoor camera that points on a specific area? Or do you want an indoor camera with a 360 view?

Perhaps a motion detecting camera is something you are looking for? Or are you looking for an adjustable camera?

You see, already there are many choices available but if you have an understanding of where you need a camera (or cameras) pointing you are already half way there.
Do I Need Wireless Technology?

Wireless technology is something that we have slowly adopted in society and you will see many benefits to having this technology in your home. Not only does it look tidier but you don’t get tangled up in cabling and wires.

For home security, wireless technology can prevent you needing to drill holes into walls, and it can help mount security systems in places where you just wouldn’t be able to feed wires into. So when it comes to choosing wireless technology we would always say that this is probably your best choice to make, and if you can get the right equipment at the right price then go for it.
Do You Install it Yourself?

Installing a security system (for example: MIGHTY MULE MM562 ) yourself can have a lot of flaws, and we would always advise that you get a professional to do this for you. At the end of the day you don’t want to create additional hassle and costs to yourself for installing it incorrectly all for the sake of a one off cost for an engineer to come to your home and fit it for you.

When we talk about home security you want it installing correctly, because if it doesn’t function right it’s hardly worth having at all. Yes there is a fee for a professional installation but you don’t have to worry about making any mistakes and you know that by the end of the installation you are going to have a fully fitted system in place,
Do You Want Complete Control?

If you are a geeky kind of person who loves your gadgets like us then this is going to blow your mind! You see some home security systems will let you take control of your home from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet. This will allow complete home automation of your security and even your energy management.

From an app installed on your Smartphone and a bit of connectivity to your home security system you can arm your alarm from the phone, control small appliances, control door locks, lighting and even the thermostat n your home. Aside from this you can control camera movements, set recordings, and even see a live stream of your camera directly on your phone.

It’s just like you are sitting at home, so this automation package could be something that you benefit from in the long run.
Do You Rent or Own Your Home?

The final thing to take into account is are you renting or mortgaging your house? If you are a renter the last thing you want to do is start drilling holes into walls to void your deposit and contract. Instead, we suggest looking at the wireless home security systems so that when you do c come to move into another home (rented or owned) you can easily take the system with you, without having the hassle of filling walls and holes up, and taking down all the cables that come with a wired system.

If you own your house, then it’s up to you what kind of security you have as you have that ownership over the property allowing you to do anything you wish.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Writing Business Checks

Enterprise investigations help both the payee along with you, the issuer, to comprehend how a payment has to be highlighted inside a transaction. Which means that your cash and accounts payable are stored updated constantly, all your investigations for business are often submitted back from the Accounts Department. When you buy real check stubs, for extra copies which is often kept for future research as these check stubs maker are also available in triplicate or duplicate type. More than one signature will undoubtedly be expected on them unlike personal paystub generator. The process becomes more efficient and you are preserved from making problems by adhering to a set method to write your business.
real check stubs
Record your investigations:

It is in the register that you need to record your investigations employed for business. These details may be documented immediately should you be using a online sales program for printings. You can even do the publishing at a later period, after publishing the pay stub generator. A complete statement needs to be printed for your real time records. Everybody makes occasional problems, thus proofread your inspections. A destructive problem could be putting an extra zero for the sum! If you should be utilizing a computerized accounting system make sure that you sustain a backup to your info. If you are using triplicate or duplicate investigations document your copies together with your paid costs or invoices.

Maintain info prepared:

All-the data required for creating the investigations should really be stored ready for assessment or evidence. The sum total realpay stubs quantity, the amount of most balances or debts, the quantities, payees' handles and brand of all the payees' is important. Follow the guidelines within your software user guide in case you are utilizing a computerized accounting program. Prior to verify printing you'll probably need to choose each account or invoice for cost also. If you're using a computer to print your investigations, arrange your company in your printer. At additional time you will must publish the investigations by-hand in case you are not careful.

Variety or produce every one of the information on the cost onto the check stubs. Each check stub should then be published from the integral computer sales plan. Notice all-the required specifics just like the day of the business, the label of payee, supplier account-number of the payee, how many each account or invoice that's to be compensated, as well as the total amount to be paid for that consideration or invoice. Eventually and many notably, the quantity of the create a pay stub ought to be observed.

To ensure that the real pay stubs stay aligned while printing, you will have to observe the printer performance too. If you obtain assessments, if there is place for your date to become listed at the top also to the proper hand part of the create pay stubs, should you be publishing your business checks by hand. Beginning at the lefthand side and below the time, produce the title of the payee following the control - 'spend towards the purchase of'.

Monday, June 19, 2017

In My Pursuit For Happiness and Quest For Freedom

Sex addiction NYC and substance sex addiction therapy gave me a living of distress and bondage.

A simple beginning, with medicines and booze.

It's interesting but when I take an honest look at it, that is what I used to be searching for. Joy, more enjoyable a little more zest included by drugs and liquor to whatever it was I was doing. Looking back I drank and drugged with everything. Events, in the films, nightclubs, the gym, at the job even Karate school.
sex addiction nyc

Smoke a joint with all the day coffee, brunch was wonderful since we had wine, beer with lunchtime, Saki with sushi, wine with dinner, and complete that down having a mutual. Sex addiction treatment NYC and crack before gender a shared after, I skateboarded greater easily smoked marijuana (Therefore I imagined). I'd be stoned about the bus and the subway before I'd get on a while walking through the Key playground or in sex addiction treatment anywhere anyplace and everything most of the occasion. Eventually, I outgrew the skateboard, now I began to generate. As drug dependency and sex addiction therapy NYC started to generate my life.

The tire in one hand a 40 ounce Bud in the other. Today I used to be putting other people at risk. Did I care? NO! Honestly, I didn't think or discover something wrong with it. That's how strong the illness of porn addiction help is, you think that right is incorrect and that wrong is suitable. I honestly did not feel something was wrong with what I used to be doing. Even after the first, 2nd as well as the 3rd DWI (driving-while-intoxicated). To top it off, all of these pursuits and home lies were associated with continuing and increasing madness. And when I look back at it today it had been because I just wanted to have fun and be pleased.

Blind before 20,

The thing was that that pursuit for happiness changed into an obsession to get a never ending high and that obsession blinded me from the reality, seriously. Currently, medications and liquor were robbing me of sex addiction therapists. I used to be a captive of sex addiction counseling conflict and in trauma psychologis, I existed a lifestyle of search and damage. That which was I destroying? ME, my entire life, the lifestyles of individuals that loved me probably the most as well as simple people that didn't also who I was. Then I would have the nerve to express, "I'm not hurting everyone and when I'm hurting anybody it really is me." Was I ever wrong? As the individuals who I really like the most remain investing in sex addiction counselors in some way or another. You notice, I took hostages my wife that's ten years younger than me and pornography addiction help. My children were both youngsters once I sobered up.When I first met my partner she could not conclude a glass of wine. After I determined that I had had enough, her dependency was in full force. And the strangest thing was that like I mentioned earlier that obsession had made me blind. Impaired for the fact, as well as the truth was that I and sex addiction therapy were criminals of a fight within trauma therapists NYC. Then one evening, I actually don't discover how it just happened. I came face-to-face using the opponent, the enemy was me.

I met trauma therapytrauma therapist NYC was me.

I recall one night my spouse and that I was locked up within our room engaging in our insane activates. I don't know what happened. I do believe it is was that instant of understanding that they speak about while in the sexual anorexia. But my wife thought to me." I would never get hooked" however when I appeared in her eyes. I noticed that not merely was she hooked but she was absolutely used by her dependency. At that time I realized, that something had to alter which something was me. In just a little time next minute, I had surrendered.

Going for a look back an honest look back. I had functions, flick's, dance clubs, disco's the gymnasium, karate, excellent meals wonderful visits, sex addicts NYC, girlfriends, skateboarding buddies plus porn addiction therapy. Simply to note some of the actions and people life has blessed me with. My disease produced me blind for the proven fact that I was having a great time of course if I was not, there was plenty of fun to be enjoyed.

The items of recovery,

We live in an enormous planet, but we also reside in an enormous brain. Whenever we mess our brain with other manufactured feel good ingredients such as medicines and booze our views get contaminated and make us blind towards the girls with this impressive wonderful world and lifestyle.

Transform your thinking, change your world.

Today I am currently 6 years sober and drug-free. My partner of 23 years can also be sober and by trauma therapy NYC. We've found pleasure within restoration. I've perhaps restored me, through restoration.

As far, as my search for freedom is worried.

Every Monday night for the last four years, I walk into the identical regional prison that I existed in loads of situations. And I talk with a whole lot fellow sex addiction treatment NY and lovers that being in arrest will be the least of their problems. And my hope and motivation to them are after I conclude the ending up in the AA promises and I say to them. Nowadays I'm free at last free at last, Thank God all awesome I am free at last.

Monday, May 29, 2017


A solar charge controller manages the power going into the battery bank from the solar array. It ensures that the deep cycle batteries are not overcharged during the day, and that the power doesn’t run backwards to the solar panels overnight and drain the batteries. Some charge controllers are available with additional capabilities, like lighting and load control, but managing the power is its primary job.

A solar charge controller is available in two different technologies, PWM and MPPT. How they perform in a system is very different from each other. An MPPT charge controller is more expensive than a PWM charge controller, and it is often worth it to pay the extra money.


A PWM solar charge controller ( for example: RENOGY 20 AMP MPPT SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLER ) stands for “Pulse Width Modulation”. These operate by making a connection directly from the solar array to the battery bank. During bulk charging, when there is a continuous connection from the array to the battery bank, the array output voltage is ‘pulled down’ to the battery voltage. As the battery charges, the voltage of the battery rises, so the voltage output of the solar panel rises as well, using more of the solar power as it charges. As a result, you need to make sure you match the nominal voltage of the solar array with the voltage of the battery bank. *Note that when we refer to a 12V solar panel, that means a panel that is designed to work with a 12V battery. The actual voltage of a 12V solar panel, when connected to a load, is close to 18 Vmp (Volts at maximum power). This is because a higher voltage source is required to charge a battery. If the battery and solar panel both started at the same voltage, the battery would not charge.

A 12V solar panel can charge a 12V battery. A 24V solar panel or solar array (two 12V panels wired in series) is needed for a 24V battery bank, and 48V array is needed for 48V bank. If you try to charge a 12V battery with a 24V solar panel, you will be throwing over half of the panel’s power away. If you try to charge a 24V battery bank with a 12V solar panel, you will be throwing away 100% of the panel’s potential, and may actually drain the battery as well.


An MPPT solar charge controller stands for “Maximum Power Point Tracking”. It will measure the Vmp voltage of the panel, and down-converts the PV voltage to the battery voltage. Because power into the charge controller equals power out of the charge controller, when the voltage is dropped to match the battery bank, the current is raised, so you are using more of the available power from the panel. You can use a higher voltage solar array than battery, like the 60 cell nominal 20V grid-tie solar panels that are more readily available. With a 20V solar panel, you can charge a 12V battery bank, or two in series can charge up to a 24V battery bank, and three in series can charge up to a 48V battery bank. This opens up a whole wide range of solar panels that now can be used for your off-grid solar system.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Not driving enough traffic to your blog? You’re not doing these 6 things

So you’ve decided to start blogging. Great! Blogging is a great way for professionals to demonstrate their expertise, build trust, and cultivate leads and drive more traffic to your site. Your blog also provides great content for an email newsletter that can keep you and your business fresh in the minds of prospects and referrals.

We know that getting yourself writing was a challenge of it’s own, but you’re past that. You are regularly producing content; but it’s discouraging. The traffic to the blog is still low. How can you get more of the right people to visit your blog?

Here’s 6 steps you need to take after you’ve finished writing to help insure your blog posts get read by more of your ideal prospects, thus drive more traffic to your website:

1. Optimize for SEO

Once you have the text of the blog post the way you want it, and you’ve had someone else edit it for grammar and clarity, it’s time to start optimizing it for search. Hopefully you had some keywords in mind when you were writing the post, and so you already have a high volume, low competition, key phrase that you want to target.

Use your Keywords in the H1 tag, the title tag and the meta description and even in the URL. If you have pictures, rename them to include the keywords you are targeting.
Add links to other websites that have relevant content. Use 2 – 3 outbound links per 1000 words. You should also add links to other pages on your site that might have relevant information. Again, 1 – 3 is enough.
Check your keyword density. How many times have you used your keywords in the article? Don’t over do it; you don’t want it to sound awkward. But add your keywords where ever you can. For example, I use the keyword “drive more traffic to your website” for this article, and only use it a few times, and not always the exact phrase if it doesn’t come naturally.

2. Optimize for visitors

Once you’ve done your search engine optimization, go through it to make sure that it’s easy for humans to read. The page should look inviting with copy that’s easy to scan and easy to read on any device.

Break up big blocks of text by adding pictures, bullets, or pulling quotes.

Create opportunities for Social sharing. Have a short sentence that summarizes an important idea? That might make a great tweet! Here’s how to make the text of your blog post tweetable! It also makes your posts more engaging. Make it easy for them to share! Here’s an example:

3. Optimize for conversion

If we have a post that search engines are going to drive traffic to, and that humans want to read, we need to make sure that folks do something while they are there. We want to make sure that readers will take action.
Add a call to action. Invite readers to do something once they’ve read the post. You could make them an opt-in offer (for your newsletter, or ebook), you could invite them to follow you on social media, or share the post on social media. You could invite them to comment. But whatever it is — make it clear and make it easy for them to take action (just click).

Sidebar offers. While we only want to have one call to action at the bottom of the post, you can also make an offer in the sidebar for something else that might be of interest.

4. Optimize for social

The last thing we need to think about is how the post will look when it’s shared on social media. The most important things here are the title tag and the featured photo.

Title tag. The title tag is usually what people see on social media. It needs to compel people to click on it in order to get them to your site. How can you make it more intriguing? Can you ask a question, make a promise, or tickle their curiosity?
Featured image. Having a good featured image will also drive more traffic to our website from social media. Make it big, and make it interesting. Some picture you found on a free stock photo page isn’t going to cut it. Can you add words to it? Can you use a meme? What will make it more click worthy?

5. Spread the word

Finally, you are done optimizing. Give it a once over from the reader’s perspective and then press the publish button. But wait! You aren’t quite done yet. You still need to get it out into the wild. You need to push it out to yourfans through your own social accounts. Then you need to share it with specific folks you think might have an interest — colleagues, clients or friends who share your interest in that topic. Lastly, are there any groups of people you have interacted with that might have an interest in discussing this?
General sharing. Schedule some posts to your personal and company social channels. Best practice is to share more than once (people don’t follow every one of your posts) over the course of a week or 10 days.
Specific sharing If there are a couple of key folks in your network who might have a specific interest in the topic you are writing about mention them in a twitter post. Or, send them an email alerting them to your blog; it’s always good to remind them of how your blog is relevant or interesting to them. You can even ask them if they’d be willing to share it with their audience as well.
Group sharing. If you are involved in any forums, or groups on LinkedIn, Google Plus, or any place on the web where your target market is gathered, share it with them too. Don’t blanket the Internet with it, but go ahead and share it if it’sreally relevant to the group and could foster a solid conversation.

6. Monitor the results

Now that you’ve put it out there, are people coming? Are they commenting (either on your site on or the social sites where you shared it)? Are they re-sharing it? Are they clicking on your call to action? Watching what’s happening can help you to continue to optimize and get better results.
Tweak the keywords. If the post got traffic initially (from social media or your fans) but then it starts to die out, you might tweak the keywords a bit to see if there’s another keyword that would attract more google traffic.
Build inbound links. If the post did really well, you got conversions on your CTA and they were really the kind of people you are wanting to meet more of, you might want to invest in some link building. Create some guest posts on similar topics (you can even rewrite the post that did well from another angle), and include links back to your site and other posts in the post you are writing (or re-writing). Then offer it to other high traffic blogs in your niche. Just posting it will drive some traffic, and the additional inbound link will help your post to rise in the search engine rankings.
Test different offers. If you got a lot of traffic, but folks aren’t converting on your call to action, try another offer. Instead of the ebook, try a webinar, or a video download.

If this sounds like a lot of work, it is. Make it count. Publish less frequently, but get more out of what you are publishing.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Essential Phrases for Your Next New Business Meeting

When you go to meet with a new client, you need to have a list of objectives to accomplish during that meeting. A plan, if you will.

Why? Because it’s just so easy to fall into the trap of casual conversation for an hour or two—only to find that at the end of your time together, you haven’t closed the deal on any new business.

Before you take your next new business meeting, I want you to have these five phrases on your “must say” list. They’ll make your meeting much more efficient and productive for both parties.

“I’m not sure I can help you”

You probably read that phrase and thought, “Whoa…why would I say that to a potential new client? I’m here to close a deal.” Correct—you are. But you also want to make it clear from the beginning of your meeting that you have a specific skill set, and if what the client needs would be better suited working with someone else, you’d be happy to make that introduction.

This is a major trust-builder with a new client and shows that you’re not just taking this meeting because you want the money—you’re taking it because you care that this person finds the best possible solution to his or her problem.

“Tell me more”

Asking the person you’re meeting with to tell you more about their specific problem helps you gather the details you need to clarify a few unanswered questions, like:
Do I have the skills/resources to help solve this unique problem?
What obstacles is the client currently facing?
Is this problem something I have helped someone with in the past?

Letting the client elaborate on the issue at hand is the time when you should be taking notes and actively thinking about what you can bring to the table.

Bonus: It shows interest, and demonstrates a willingness to create a custom solution. Everyone feels like their problem is new and different—so let them explain why.

“What is your process for decision making?”

This question will help you gauge how much the client has thought about potential solutions—and what tactics they have in mind to try out. It’ll also tell you a bit about his or her work style, which you want to have a good picture of up front.

If the client isn’t sure how to answer, this is your moment to propose some decision-making tactics that illustrate your expertise. Propose some plans of action and show that you have a clear path in mind.

“What’s your plan B?”

You want to know what the client’s second option is—especially if it’s not working together with you. This will help you identify threats to the working relationship and shows that you’re already thinking ahead.

If you’re worried that you’ll be having the same conversation with the client six months from now, you need to ask this question. Show that you have a plan to solve the problem today—and that you can help them immediately.

“Are you ready to work together?”

So many people forget to make the hard call to action at the end of the meeting while they’re still face to face with the client, and as a result, they end up trying to chase down the client via phone calls or email to finally seal the deal.

Don’t assume you’ve got a new client—make the formal ask by saying, “Let’s do this. I have a plan, are you ready?” If you get an affirmation, lay out the process, the costs, and get them to sign the paperwork right then and there.

Get the Most Out of Each New Business Meeting

With these five simple phrases, you can completely transform your process for a new business meeting so that both you and your potential client waste less time and leave feeling like you accomplished something worthwhile.

In business, you know that time is money—so start making your time more profitable.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

How to turn online connections into real world sales

If you’ve been following along with our blog posts, or if you listen to our podcast you know that we are big fans of social media and online marketing. There has never been a better time to be prospecting for new client leads–they are all right out there! You can search for them, reach out to them, make friends with them…it’s like magic.

There is a “dark side” to all this online networking though. You don’t make sales from behind your computer (very often). It’s rather compelling to spend time on social networks; it feels productive to connect with more and more prospects; but does online networking lead to actual sales? You can spend a lot of time and energy building up your social profile, creating rich, shareable blog posts, and at the end of the day, not have any business conversations that lead to sales! You’ve made friends–just not business friends!

If you find yourself in that predicament, here’s 3 ways to turn on-line relationships into real world sales.

1. Go to (or host) some events

Events are a great place to meet casual acquaintances and start building a deeper relationship. Notice which events seem popular among your online connections (especially the ones that look like real prospects) and sign up to go. When you are there your goal is to take relationships further–spend time with folks one-to-one, listen to what’s going on in their world, make connections between them.

But the real work happens after the event. Go home and start doing some follow up. You’ve met folks, you’ve gotten their business card (right?), so start following up by phone or email. Talk more deeply about the needs you heard from them at the event, set up a time to go meet with them (and make a sale).

If you don’t see any events happening that your prospects are attending, make one of your own! It doesn’t have to be something fancy–just pick a local place and invite folks for drinks. Give them a reason to get out from behind their computers.

2. Co-create something with them

Maybe the folks you are meeting aren’t prospects, they’re referral partners. You don’t want to meet to sell to them, you want to sell to their clients. Invite them to co-create some content with you. Maybe it’s as simple as creating a guest post for their blog, or inviting them to be a guest on a webinar you are hosting. If you have a podcast (or if they do) you need guests; invite them to be on (or ask to be a guest on theirs).

If that goes well, you can keep going–is there a topic that is of interest to both of your audiences? Create an ebook or video about it.

Working with them helps to create a connection and deepen the relationship.

3. Pick up the phone

If you know someone well online, and you know that you can help them–that is, they are your ideal client–the most efficient thing to do is to pick up the phone and call them. If this is a business person you are getting to know, their phone number is on their website–just call them! Introduce yourself and remind them of the discussions you have had online. Let them know that you couldn’t help but notice that they were facing some challenges… Just the kind of challenges you’ve helped other businesses with…

Sure, some of those folks are going to be put-off. They might already have a provider, or feel upset because you assumed they needed help. But way more of them are going to be happy to talk to someone who can help with their issue. Call them.

Even the most committed inbound sales people have to move the conversation from online to in-person (or on the phone) in order to sell. It’s a key skill that will make your work on-line so much more productive.